Clubhouse Replay

New Clubhouse Replay Feature Turns Social Audio into Interactive Podcasts

Clubhouse hosts can now record and share the full experience of their room with the new Replay feature. The tool archives not only audio, but the visuals of the audience, links shared by speakers, and other elements of the live experience. Hosts can then share the whole thing or just clips in podcasts and on social media platforms.


Replay is an option in any public Clubhouse room. Hosts or moderators can record the event, which is then available afterward on the Clubhouse app. The Replay is like an interactive artifact that allows interaction with any links pinned to the top of the room by a moderator and updated during the event. Even passive observance includes seeing people joining and leaving the stage and audience, hearing accidental sounds, and the other elements unique to live events. The benefit of it as a recording is that you can choose to skip ahead to the next speaker instead of relying only on skipping by 30 seconds at a time. Clubhouse creators who want to extend the life of their room also benefit as they can see who watches the Replay along with who was there when it was recorded. They can also download the audio to distribute as a more traditional podcast or pull highlights for social media.

“A Clubhouse room is much more than a live podcast. It’s a shared space where people gather and community happens,” Clubhouse explained in a blog post. When we set out to build Replays, we wanted to create something that captures the magic and energy of a live Clubhouse room, in ways that non-interactive audio streams alone cannot… Think of it as live, but later — and available to everyone.”

Social Sharing Audio

Clubhouse Replay extends the streak of new features for the social audio app. The collection includes the new Music Mode, which improves the audio quality of performances, as well as Spatial Audio to recreate the feel of live events. Replay combines those concepts with the elements of social engagement features  like Wave audio chat or Backchannel direct texting. Replay may also prove a boon for some of the high-profile partners Clubhouse has signed deals with, extending the lifespan of TED Talks and official NHL rooms. Recording and sharing social audio rooms is starting to become a trend on other platforms too. Twitter Spaces recently added the Spaces Recording feature to spread the entire conversation in a tweet. Twitter hasn’t offered a way to clip just a part of the audio as of yet, however.


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