Voice Commerce Marketer Send Me A Sample Connects to Amazon Cart for Post-Trial Purchases

Voice interactive marketing campaign service Send Me a Sample can add items to an Amazon cart after if they enjoyed the sample. The new feature brings direct voice commerce on Amazon to brands using Send Me a Sample, starting with Spindrift sparkling water.

Try Then Buy

Send Me a Sample specializes in product trial campaigns via voice assistants. When a company working with Send Me a Sample has a free offer, those interested can ask Alexa or Google Assistant to ask Send Me a Sample for the item. If consumers ask for the sample prior to registering, the Google Action or Alexa skill guides them through the registration process. Once registered with one brand, consumers can access other brand offers through Send Me a Sample without additional steps. Spindrift has worked with Send Me a Sample before, with a reach in the tens of thousands, according to the marketing firm. The new campaign streamlines the connection to actual purchases. After the customer gets the free beverage, the app will ask if they want to add the full product to their Amazon cart. They can just say yes, and Send Me a Sample will drop it in their cart for them to purchase at their leisure.

“We know from research that consumers are looking for fast, convenient shopping experiences,” Spindrift director of commerce Paul Deutz said. “This is a truly exciting opportunity that allows consumers to order Spindrift in an easy, friction-free way.”

Sample Service

Send Me a Sample has been steadily widening the kind of voice marketing and commerce projects it operates. The company supported a campaign of voice-activated ads on Spotify in the UK for cosmetics firm Nars. The ads encouraged the listener to ask Alexa or Google Assistant for a free sample of blush, lipstick, or mascara delivered to their home using Send Me a Sample. The firm has also worked to send samples from DKNY and Bacardi in the UK and Nutella in the U.S. The voice commerce addition gives the company another way to link voice advertising and voice commerce without the potential customer losing interest before they have a chance to make a purchase.

“Consumers today expect shopping to be quick, easy & simple. Experiences that offer this always cut-through,” Send Me a Sample founder Will Glynn-Jones said. “We’re not content with just offering a free sample through the mail; we want to utilize truly relevant technology to create incredible, personal experiences for people all around the world to help them to discover and buy the best new products.”


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