ReadSpeaker Adds Ukrainian to Text-to-Speech Translation Tool

Voice AI developer ReadSpeaker has added Ukarianinan to its text-to-speech language options. Users will be able to hear any text on websites, documents, and forms read out in Ukrainian after being translated from around 50 languages into as part of the update.

ReadSpeaker Ukrainian

ReadSpeaker pushed out the Ukrainian language update with an invitation to non-profits and public agencies working to help victims of the war in Ukraine feeling the country. The company is offering free access to its online tools to support helping Ukrainian refugees get settled without the extra complications of language barriers. The tool can translate and read aloud any documents or forms the refugees may need to fill out, swiftly translating to Ukrainian and back to the language of the host country. ReadSpeaker TTS synthesizes voice and audio descriptions for many products, and the AI can create models that mimic human voices based on audio recordings.

“Our online text-to-speech solutions are a cost-effective, user-friendly way to turn text-based content into natural-sounding audio. Every day, ReadSpeaker helps make text content accessible to a wider community of users,” ReadSpeaker explained in announcing the update. “With a simple click of their mouse, users can listen to text content read aloud by lifelike digital voices, avoiding the need to struggle through text they may have difficulty reading. Personalization features empower users to customize their experience on your website, including text content that is translated and read aloud into a user’s native language, including Ukrainian and over 50 other languages.”

ReadSpeaker joins other voice AI firms looking for ways to offer their technology to help with the fallout from the fighting in Ukraine. For instance, Ukrainian synthetic speech startup Respeecher recently asked celebrities to share messages of support for Ukraine, which the startup’s voice cloning technology would reproduce in Ukrainian with the celebrity’s original voice.

ReadSpeaker has been rapidly adding to its features and capabilities of late, making the addition of Ukrainian likely a relatively simple addition to its strategy. In February, ReadSpeaker added a real-time text-to-speech tool for both the Unreal and Unity game engines. The new TTS plugin enables game developers to embed a single AI-generated audio setup in a game running on multiple platforms, which may be a major boon for its metaverse ambitions. The company also built a voice user interface for the Nintendo Switch video game system and handles Spotify’s interactive voice for its new Car Thing automotive audio player.


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