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ReadSpeaker Debuts Multi-Platform Text-To-Speech Tool for Metaverse and Video Games

Voice AI interface creator ReadSpeaker has introduced a real-time text-to-speech (TTS) tool that works with both the Unreal and Unity game engines. The new TTS plugin enables game developers to embed a single AI-generated audio setup in a game running on multiple platforms, with implications for AI characters in the connected digital worlds that make up the metaverse.

Game Change

ReadSpeaker TTS synthesizes voice and audio descriptions for many products, and the AI can create models that mimic human voices based on audio recordings. That means narrators and non-player characters can say more than just pre-recorded scripts and respond to what players say and do. Developers working on the Unity and Unreal game engines can set up audio interactions without redundant audio files, just writing the speech directly into the code and setting up the models for procedurally generated text as well. The new tool builds on the voice user interface (VUI) ReadSpeaker created for the Nintendo Switch video game system applying their software development kit to the Switch’s library of games. The new tool is already in use by some video game developers like Soft Leaf Studios, best known for Stories of Blossom. The developer explicitly designed to be more accessible to people with disabilities than the average video game.

“ReadSpeaker’s runtime TTS plugin is a game-changer for developers and players alike,” Soft Leaf Studios company director Conor Bradley said. “For developers, the plugin enables a streamlined workflow, allowing them to test, trigger and retest quickly, without the need to wait for outside feedback. And because the plugin comes with pre-made voice adjusters, coding needs are reduced. For players, the TTS plugin enables them to personalize the game to their needs, improving accessibility for those who need it.”

Metaverse TTS

ReadSpeaker has been rapidly widening the range of use cases for its technology. Before the Nintendo deal, Spotify chose ReadSpeaker as the interactive voice for its new Car Thing automotive audio player. That followed an agreement with the U.S. military for ReadSpeaker to help train pilots to fly the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet. And last year, SoundHound started using ReadSpeaker to give its Houndify voice AI platform more lifelike, distinct voices. The video games and corresponding potential for metaverse characters are potentially a much bigger shot for the startup to become a ubiquitous element in digital life.

“Digital environments and the development of the Metaverse are becoming ever more limitless, putting pressure on developers to deliver higher-quality experiences for players—especially when it comes to voice,” ReadSpeaker North America president Matt Muldoon said. “By powering these digital environments with AI and TTS and automating prospective expansions, developers are able to create unique experiences each time for each player. Our Runtime TTS plugin for Unity and Unreal game engines gives developers and players the ability to fully immerse themselves in these digital worlds as they continue to expand and become more powerful.”


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