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Voice Year in Review 2021 The Consumer Edition – Voicebot Podcast Ep 240

This is the U.S. edition and the consumer edition of our two-part voice AI year in review episodes. Today, we discuss the industry globally from a U.S. perspective to complement the enterprise-focused year in review with guests from Europe in episode 239. The three guests in today’s episode include:

  • Chithra Durgam – Founder Blue Check Skill which helps bring celebrities and brands onto Amazon Alexa. Durgam is also a practicing dentist.
  • Todd Mozer – CEO of Sensory, a company he founded in 1994. Sensory has been adding voice AI features to consumer products for over 25 years and can be found in billions of devices.
  • Eric Schwartz – Head Writer Voicebot.ai and the author of many of the stories we discuss today.

If you would prefer to watch the full discussion, we also have a version uploaded to YouTube. It’s your choice.

Show Notes – Voice Year in Review 2021 – Consumer Edition

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