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Ryan Steelberg President of Veritone on AI Applications that Mine Unstructured Data – Voicebot Podcast Ep 222

Ryan Steelberg is President of Veritone. He co-founded the company with his brother in 2014 and it became publicly traded on NASDAQ in 2017. Ryan has a notable record of successful startup exits in his career that spans 25 years in tech. In earlier companies, as you will hear today, the Steelberg brothers applied large-scale data processing to advertising before that was commonplace and were instrumental in the development of what we now call programmatic advertising.

Veritone today provides an AI platform, aiWare, that applies large-scale processing of unstructured data to a variety of use cases that range from revenue generation to back-office operations. Prior to Veritone, Ryan was CEO of Brand Affinity technologies, Head of Radio at Google after the acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting where he was president and co-founder, CEO of 2CAN Media, and President of AdForce, a company he co-founded while still an undergrad at UCLA.

Show Notes – Ryan Steelberg Interview – Veritone

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