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Clubhouse Opens Creator First Accelerator in Brazil

Clubhouse has brought its Creator First accelerator to Brazil, where social audio shows now have a shot at picking up significant financial support and other resources. This is Clubhouse’s second country-specific extension of the program after beginning its India-focused program earlier this month.

Brazillian Clubhouse

Though India has the single largest number of Clubhouse users, Brazilians have been very active on the app, according to Clubhouse. Usage started climbing particularly rapidly once the Android version of Clubhouse was released. In fact, the current image for the Clubhouse app is a Brazilian user named Dandara Pagu, whose popular social audio show has her moderating intense discussions on topics like human rights, race, and imposter syndrome, including interviews with major Brazilian TV stars.

“Over the past few months, the Brazilian members of the Clubhouse community have emerged as some of the most exceptional, creative and exciting in the world,” Clubhouse head of international Aarthi Ramamurthy explained in a blog post. “We’ve seen rooms discussing football, rooms discussing politics, on learning English, people sharing family recipes, artists sharing advice on creating and engaging with their audience and book review clubs, just to name a few.”

Creative Support

The Clubhouse Creator First Program applications are reviewed as they come in, but applications have to be in by July 22. The Creator First program supports hosts as a way to entice more people to spend more time on the app. The initial, international Creator First cohort includes 25 wide-ranging shows in both topic and geography. Each creator is receiving $5,000 a month during the accelerator, along with technical equipment and production support for getting guests, setting up sponsorships, and making the show run smoothly and sound good. The monetary amount and other support details haven’t been shared yet, but will likely be very similar for the country-specific versions of the program.

“As we love to say, Clubhouse is a human platform, a place where meeting new people and discovering the perfect rooms leaves you feeling better after a session,” Ramamurthy wrote. “This experience begins with creators and the innovative energy that they bring to the table. That’s what drives our Creator First Program and why we are so excited to expand its reach to Brazil.”

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