Coldplay Alexa

Coldplay Releases New Song as an Alexa Alarm Skill

Alexa can make Coldplay your alarm clock in the morning thanks to the band’s official new voice app. The Coldplay Higher Power alarm tone for Alexa uses clips of the band’s new single and other songs as an alternative to a blaring siren or other noise. Warner Music Group worked with voice app developer Skilled Creative to create the new skill as part of an extended partnership.

Alexa Coldplay

The Coldplay Higher Power Alarm Tone is named for the band’s newest song and includes clips from two of Coldplay’s other songs along with a snippet of the acoustic version of Higher Power. Once the free app is enabled, users can ask Alexa to set the Coldplay Higher Power Alarm Tone for whenever they wish, much like they would with any other alarm.

“With Coldplay’s Higher Power Alarm Pack, you can wake up to the soothing sounds of the Grammy award-winning band every morning,” the skill description explains. “Featuring music from the acoustic version of Coldplay’s newest single, “Higher Power,” you’ll wake up motivated to start your day.”

The Coldplay alarm is the newest product of Skilled Creative’s entertainment-related collaborations.  In May, the developer partnered with Warner Media to launch the HBO Max Recommends Alexa skill. Skilled Creative and Warner Media (unconnected to Warner Music Group since the 2004 sale of Warner Music Group by what was then called Time Warner) fashioned the HBO voice app to reduce browsing time on the streaming service in favor of more content consumption. The voice app asks the user questions and crafts a personalized HBO Max playlist based on the answers. A musical alarm and TV recommendation engine don’t have much obvious overlap, but they share a belief in Alexa’s rising value as a promotional tool.

Skilled Creative works with many brands to design Alexa skills that can take advantage of its ongoing improvements and new features. Women’s lifestyle brand Meredith regularly works with Skilled Creative in those experiments. For instance, Skilled Creative updated the My Daily Mindset Alexa skill from Meredith near the end of last year with a Spanish option, making it Meredith’s first bilingual skill. The skill also added Alexa’s name-free interaction (NFI) toolkit to make it easier to find the skill, and Quick Links top let people share a link that others can click on to enable the skill.

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