Echo Show Chingy

Rapper Chingy Integrates Alexa Into Latest Song Release and Video

Tonight in Seattle the rapper Chingy is participating in a private concert and single release party for Amazon Alexa developers. The concert is sponsored by VoiceXP and Full Dekk Music Group. VoiceXP was responsible for building an Alexa skill for Chingy to promote his latest release and tour. Voicebot tested the Chigy Alexa skill on Echo Show. It is set up to provide tour information, background on the music and play the new single, FYR. On Amazon Echo it simply plays the audio, but on Echo Show it also plays a music video that starts off with Chingy driving up to a private jet and asking Alexa for weather and restaurant information in Amsterdam.

Amazon Echo Product Placement

This appears to be the first music video to include Amazon Echo devices as props. An Echo Show is prominently displayed toward the end. Promotion content for the release party concert indicates that Chingy is the first recording artist with a custom Alexa skill.

Amazon, VoiceXP, and Full Dekk Music Group have partnered together to deliver an exclusive opportunity to the Amazon Alexa developer community and special guests with a special appearance by Chingy, the triple platinum recording artist who is THE first musician to have presence on the Amazon Alexa platform.

As a voice and audio-driven platform, Alexa is tailor made for music use cases. Artist promotion seems like a natural fit. We are also seeing Amazon Echo and Google Home show up in more popular culture. From Saturday Night Live and South Park to Will & Grace and The Tick, smart speakers and voice assistants are becoming recognizable icons in media. Musicians have even more reason to get on board because Alexa and Google Assistant can become sources of music distribution and fan engagement.

You can check out the Chingy skill on Alexa and see the music video here.

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