VoiceXP Rolls Out Alexa Skill Black Friday Program for Brands and Retailers

VoiceXP, a voice-first agency and SaaS provider, today announced a new Alexa skill Black Friday program for brands and retailers. The program has two components. First, VoiceXP has a new Black Friday Alexa skill that will provide promotions for retail and brand partners. Alexa users will be able to ask Black Friday for information on special promotions from retailers. VoiceXP founder and chief innovation officer Bob Stolzberg told Voicebot that the company will also have a Cyber Monday Alexa skill providing a similar service.

Custom Alexa Skills Too

Bob Stolzberg

Second, VoiceXP is providing custom Alexa skills for retailers and product companies as part of the program. These skills will have invocation names specific to the brand, will be able to promote up to 25 sale items and will be separate from the VoiceXP Black Friday skill, but targeting the same Black Friday shoppers. VoiceXP is offering the custom Alexa skills for $12,000 if companies sign up by October 1st. The retailers and product companies that engage VoiceXP for developing these skills will also have their promotion information available through the Black Friday skill. Mr. Stolzberg told Voicebot that three companies in the clothing, consumer electronics and home furnishings categories have already signed onto the program.

Big Retailers Gearing Up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

VoiceXP believes they are offering many brands and retailers an opportunity to get a foothold in voice commerce this Holiday shopping season. Amazon already runs daily deals and surely will have a long list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for Alexa users similar to their Prime Day offerings. Walmart and The Home Depot recently cut deals with Google Express making their products available on Google Home. The timing of these deals in advance of the Holiday season cannot be an accident. VoiceXP is hoping to help other retailers and product companies that don’t already have these deals in place quickly gain a presence on Alexa.

For Amazon, The Home Depot and Walmart, smart speaker users will be able to place orders by voice after hearing a promotion. At this point, neither the Black Friday skill nor the custom Alexa skills will be able to consummate the transactions by voice on the device because Amazon does not offer that feature. The VoiceXP developed skills will focus on providing the information on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials and then direct consumers to where they can make the purchases either online or in-store. You can see more about VoiceXP’s program here.

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