Germany Smart Speaker Adoption Closely Mirrors U.S. Pattern – New Report with 30+ Charts

Over 25% of German adults owned a smart speaker at the start of 2021. That was up from 19.2% at the beginning of 2020 and reflected 34% growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. This data comes from a Voicebot survey of over 1,000 German adults representative of the national population and is presented in the recently published Germany Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2021. The adoption rate since 2019 has more than tripled in Germany.


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Interestingly, this adoption pattern follows that of the U.S. very closely minus two years. Smart speakers first launched in Germany almost exactly two years after the U.S. After about three years in the market the U.S. adoption rate was 19.7% compared to 19.2% for Germany. After four years it was 26.2% in the U.S. while for Germany it was 25.8%. That is a very tight correlation.

However, there are differences between smart speaker users in the two countries. Notably, Germans use their smart speakers more frequently and for a wider variety of use cases.  They also have the option of purchasing from a large domestic provider of smart speakers. The Deutsche Telekom option has taken market share away from Amazon and Google which is discussed in the report in more detail.

18 Million German Smart Speaker Users

This adoption rate translates into about 18 million German smart speaker users as of early 2021. That figure represents a 34% rise in smart speaker ownership during 2020. While the U.S. smart speaker user base rose only slightly in 2020, Germans apparently recognized the value of a device designed for use in the home at a time when there were few options for leaving it.

The report also includes a detailed analysis about privacy concerns related to smart speakers in Germany and how those compare with U.S. consumer sentiment. Despite what we are told by prognosticators around European resistance to smart speakers due to privacy, there is a different story told by the on-the-ground consumer data.

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This report reflects the first time that Voicebot has evaluated the German smart speaker market and it provides the same type of depth readers are accustomed to seeing in other analyses from the Voicebot Research Team. Data is represented in over 30 charts presented along with more than 30 pages of analysis. Among the hundreds of data points include charts such as:

  • Smart Speaker Adoption Among German Adults – 2019-2021
  • Germany Smart Speaker Market Share by Brand – 2021
  • Germany Smart Speaker Market Share by Device – 2021
  • Germany Smart Display Market Share – 2021
  • Smart Speakers Owned Per German Household
  • Where Consumers Have Smart Speakers in 2021
  • Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Smart Speaker Usage
  • Consumer Interest in Accessing Customer Service Through Smart Speakers
  • How Smart Speaker Owners Discover Voice Apps
  • Concern About Smart Speaker Privacy Risk – All Adults and Smart Speaker Owners
  • Reason Consumers Don’t Yet Have a Smart Speaker
  • Smart Speaker Purchase Intent and Forecast 2021
  • And many more…

To learn more about the report, see the data, and check out the latest smart speaker adoption trends for Germany, click the button below to go to Voicebot Research. Also, let me know what you think on Twitter @bretkinsella. This has been an interesting project for us.

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