Voice Assistant Importance as a Marketing Channel

Marketers Assign Higher Importance to Voice Assistants as a Marketing Channel in 2021 – New Report

The overwhelming majority of marketers assign at least some importance to voice assistants as a channel to reach customers today and more are taking it very seriously than in the past. In 2019, 91.5% of marketers listed voice assistants as at least somewhat important and that figure was 91.8% for 2021. This consistency was also maintained for marketers saying voice assistants were at least moderately important in both years.

The notable change in marketer sentiment came in the “extremely important” category. Data for 2021 show that 29.1% of marketers believe voice assistants are extremely important as a marketing channel. That is up from 24.0% in 2019.

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Marketer Voice Assistant Sentiment and Activity

Voicebot today published the second installment of The State of Voice Assistants as a Marketing Channel report. The 2021 version considers a number of the same questions posed in the 2019 edition offering some contrast of marketer sentiment, activity, and budgets for voice assistants and voice apps over the past two years. The new report also extends the earlier research by asking specific questions about the rise of custom voice assistants built by enterprises.

There are over 25 charts and 35 pages of analysis in the report that includes sections on marketer sentiment, views, and activities around the consumer voice platforms (e.g. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby), approaches and results so far, budgets, the rise of owned custom assistants, and common voice UX decisions. Some of the charts in the report include:

  • Marketer Optimism About Voice Product Search 2019-21
  • Marketer Optimism About Voice Commerce 2019-21
  • Marketer View of Which Consumer Assistant Has the Most Potential Today 2019-21
  • Brand and Enterprise Marketer View of Consumer Voice Assistant with the Most Potential Today
  • Marketer View of Which Voice Assistant Has the Most Long-term Potential 2019-21
  • Relative Share of Voice Assistants Adopted by Marketers 2019-21
  • Types of Voice Apps Launched by Marketers 2019-21
  • Brand Marketer Voice App Objectives 2019-21
  • Marketer Expectations for Voice App Budgets 2019-21
  • Voice App Investments Change by Year 2019-21 (breakout by Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, Owned Custom Assistants)
  • Enterprise Marketer Drivers of Voice Assistant Budgets
  • Frequency of Vendor Evaluation and Selection for Custom Voice Assistants
  • Technology Selection Criteria for Owned Custom Assistants
  • Where Marketers are Deploying Voice Capabilities to Engage Customers
  • Marketer Objectives for Building Custom Voice Capabilities and Assistants
  • Marketers’ Voice App Sonic Branding Choices 2019-21
  • Marketers with a Sonic/Audio Branding Strategy 2019-21
  • …and many more
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