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Clubhouse Launches Creator First Accelerator to Encourage Social Audio Innovation

Clubhouse is looking for submissions from users interested in joining its new Creator First Accelerator. The social audio platform is planning to pick some promising Clubhouse show makers to support financially and with producing their shows.

Clubhouse Creators

Clubhouse has set up an application for those interested, with a deadline of March 31. The creators stand to gain a significant amount of aid judging from the list of equipment, and assistance with production and promotion Clubhouse outlined. The creators will get the latest Apple products needed to use Clubhouse, and potentially Android devices as well if that version of the platform is ready in time. Clubhouse will also work to develop the creator’s show idea, connect them with potential guests and professional help to produce the show, and help attract an audience with creative design services, and marketing. Creators even get a monthly stipend and will be connected to brands interested in sponsoring their show to start monetizing it. The startup hasn’t said how many creators will be chosen or how it will disburse the resources but presumably will be ready to start supplying what it’s promised by the time the creators in the accelerator are announced.

“At Clubhouse, we celebrate the creators who bring people together. Since we launched Clubhouse nearly a year ago, we have been blown away by the experiences you have brought to life,” Clubhouse explained in the announcement. “You are creating entirely new ways for people to come together, all through the power of voice. Today we are thrilled to announce Clubhouse Creator First, our inaugural accelerator program for creators. The goal is to help support and equip emerging creators with the resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life.”

Club Together

Clubhouse has had explosive growth this year, passing 10 million users in late February. Plenty of people and companies are finding creative ways to use the platform, whether pretending to be in a 1920s speakeasy with friends, or the virtual flights Russian S7 Airlines has been running, using the sounds of airports, jet engines, crew announcements, and other airline audio to simulate the experience. Clubhouse has actually been extraordinarily popular in Russia, and companies there have been experimenting with everything from audio tech shows to job interviews with an audience. The first voice assistant to appear on Clubhouse is even Russian after Tinkoff Bank connected its Oleg AI to the platform.

The people chosen for the accelerator are more likely to be individuals or small amateur groups rather than giant conglomerates, but the big companies do suggest there’s an appetite for a very wide range of Clubhouse shows. The accelerator seems like Clubhouse is not resting on its laurels and wants to start adding more to what it offers users. As rival social audio platforms start to emerge from other startups like Quilt or tech giants like Twitter Spaces, the shows made by those picked for the accelerator may be a key element for Clubhouse to maintain its commanding lead.


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