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Orbita Adds Proactive Outreach Option to Healthcare Conversational AI Platform

Orbita has launched a new communications tool that will automate outreach from healthcare providers to patients using conversational AI. The proactive AI will be able to send text messages, email, or by calling patients on the phone to discuss healthcare matters vocally.

Proactive Healthcare

Orbita’s platform encompasses several services including a text and voice assistant for finding doctors and answering medical questions, as well as a voice AI for connecting patients in hospitals and long-term care facilities with doctors and nurses when they need to get in touch. The proactive module is part of OrbitaConnect, which is designed as a virtual healthcare assistant for patients when they are home. It includes personalized medication reminders, wellness surveys, and other methods for checking patient health. The HIPAA-approved platform then integrates the data collected from the patient into the electronic health record (EHR) kept by their physician, regardless of whether it was from an email, website chatbot, or phone call.

Orbita’s new conversational module takes those elements to their next level. Acting like a physician’s assistant, the conversational AI platform will take cues from a patient’s doctor and take the first step in communicating by calling a patient’s phone, or sending a written message by email or mobile device text message. The AI doesn’t just pick one channel either, it will go through all of them until getting a response.


The demand for Orbita’s healthcare-focused AI skyrocketed last year as the COVID-19 pandemic placed a huge strain on the healthcare system. Orbita’s coronavirus-specific chatbot, built to answer questions about the virus and help screen those who might be infected before they reached the hospital using information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other reputable sources. Orbita picked up a $9 million investment almost exactly a year ago to build out the company and bring new features, including vaccine appointment scheduling and now this proactive option to life.

“Through the pandemic, we saw the need to ‘go beyond the bot’ by introducing features that can proactively engage and support healthcare consumers at scale,” Orbita CEO Bill Rogers explained. “With our new integrated communication module, we’re now able to support multi-channel messaging that can reach patients where they are, on their preferred device, and with the natural, intuitive experience of an Orbita-powered virtual assistant.”


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