Discord Stage Discovery

Discord Launching a Social Audio Room Portal Called Stage Discovery

Discord is making it easier to find and join social audio events on its Stage Channels platform with a new search and exploration feature called Stage Discovery. The new system is aimed at helping people find the social audio events they might like to sign up for, and support the event creators, especially as more of them start to monetize with ticket sales and and subscriptions.

Stage Discovery

Discord’s Stage Channels are aimed at those interested in hosting social audio events, shows, and interviews. First becoming widely available in March, the social audio rooms can be found on all of Discord’s platforms on the community servers. That makes them more visible to group members than the general public, although moderators can ask to be featured in Discord’s discovery menu. Stage Discovery streamlines the hunt by users for rooms they might want to join by centering them in one place, as opposed to having to manually go through the many Discord servers.

“Voice channels have been part of what makes Discord special from day one, and as communities have grown, so have their needs,” Discord explained in a blog post. “Discord is about friends and communities, and we believe Stage Discovery will allow you to find audio events you’ll want to experience with your friends, just like a physical event. Lookout for Stage Discovery coming in June with some exciting creators to help us kick things off! Let’s just say one rhymes with…… rhymes.”

Discord in Accord

Last summer, Discord began a major overhaul of its social audio aspect specifically, making it easier for people to join and chat with each other. Discord raised $100 million at a $7 billion valuation in December, including from Sony. Microsoft was later rumored to be planning a $10 billion purchase of Discord, but those talks appeared to have failed. More likely is that Discord will go public and have an IPO when it sees the opportunity. Earlier this month, Discord partnered with Sony to bring Discord’s social interactions to the Sony PlayStation’s network. Discord’s social audio and text-based chat will augment Sony’s existing tools and Sony is investing an undisclosed sum and taking a minority stake in Discord as part of the deal.


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