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Voice AI 2020 Year in Review with Botmock, Matchbox.io, and Willowtree – Voicebot Podcast Ep 183

This is Voicebot Podcast’s fourth annual year-in-review episode. We discuss the year’s top stories ranging from COVID, contact centers, and custom assistants to the voice AI shift to mobile and the convergence of chat and voice. The discussion around mobile is particularly interesting.

Our guests joining the discussion include Tobias Dengel (CEO of Willowtree), Brielle Nickoloff (Head of product at Botmock), and Sarah Andrew Wilson (Chief Content Officer of Matchbox.io). WillowTree is a leading digital agency with deep roots in the web and mobile that has been working with clients on implementing voice over the last couple of years. Dengel has some novel views about how voice assistants should be adopted by brands and what it will take to be successful based on his past work in digital and what he has seen so far in voice.

Nickoloff has a degree in neuroscience and linguistics and has experience as a voice conversation designer. Botmock provides a conversational design and prototyping tool for both chatbots and voice apps. Matchbox.io is a maker of some of the most popular game, education, and utility voice apps for Alexa and Google Assistant. It also recently launched a mobile app for Question of the Day and has a podcast for that title as well. Sarah Andrew Wilson is chief content officer and oversees the production of more than twenty voice apps.

This is the first of three year-in-review episodes for 2020. Upcoming are Developer and European perspectives to be published over the next two weeks.

Show Notes – 2020 Voice AI Year-in-Review – Botmock, Matchbox.io, WillowTree

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