2019 Voice Year in Review with Jargon, Voxly, and Voicebot – Voicebot Podcast Ep 128

January 2019 started out with unbounded optimism around voice technology with rapid smart speaker adoption and Google announcing over 1 billion devices supported the Assistant. It continued with Microsoft pulling Cortana from consumer use cases and Samsung adding new capabilities to Bixby while Amazon and Google rapidly expanded features. Then, we had the negative stories about contractors listening to voice assistant conversations and threats of new security vulnerabilities for smart speakers.

The year is concluding with new products from numerous industry OEMs and continued robust sales of everything with a voice assistant. Milkana Brace, CEO of Jargon, Ravi Lal, CEO of Voxly Digital, and Eric Schwartz of Voicebot.ai join host Bret Kinsella breaking down the stories from 2019 and discussing what mattered and what didn’t over the past year.

Show Notes – 2019 Voice Year in Review

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