The Privacy and Security Episode with Molla, Mozer and Lens-FitzGerald – Voicebot Podcast Ep 126

Privacy and security issues associated with voice assistants have been the biggest stories in the industry so far in 2019. Joining host Bret Kinsella are Rani Molla, the lead data reporter for Recode, Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory, and Martin Lens-FitzGerald of Open Voice and several other voice-related projects. Molla offers the media perspective, Mozer a 25 year veteran of the industry with in-depth knowledge of privacy and security issues offers some unique insights and Lens-FitzGerald tackles the questions from a European viewpoint. It’s a holiday season discussion focused on whether consumers actually care about the intersection of voice assistants, privacy, and security and where we are headed.

Show Notes – Voice Assistant Privacy and Security Panel

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