Alexa Cup

Meet the VOICE19 Award Winners

The VOICE19 Awards ceremony Wednesday evening served as a real showcase of the industry. The 12 winners represent a broad array of the potential applications of voice technology. A panel of judges, [Disclosure: Voicebot’s Bret Kinsella served as a judge] voted to pick the finalists and winners from an initial pool of nearly 200 submissions. Each winner was rated based on creativity, innovation, understanding of market fit, and voice user experience. Along with the VOICE19 winners, two other awards were presented, the Alexa Cup and the Samsung Bixby Developer Sessions award. Check out the full list of winners:

VOICE19 Awards

Best Banking/Financial Experience – BOND.AI Empathy Engine – BOND.AI

Best Brand Interaction Alexa “Choose Your Own Adventure” Skill – Audible

Best Conversational Design – Houndify – SoundHound Inc.

Best Educational Experience – BBC Kids – BBC Voice + AI

Best Game – Mr. Robot: Daily Five/Nine – USA Network & Earplay

Best Healthcare Experience – Suki – Suki

Best In-Car Experience – Song Quiz – Volley

Best IoT Voice Device – Kanega LTE watch – UnaliWear

Best Media Experience – – Resemble AI

Best Multi-Modal Experience – Bamboo Math – Bamboo Learning

Best Shopping / eCommerce Experience – Snips –

Best Travel, Leisure, or Hospitality Experience – Angie – Angie Hospitality

Special Voice Summit Accessibility Award – Prudential

Samsung Bixby Award

Technology4Seniors – Senior Workout Capsule.

Alexa Cup

1st Place – Clemenger BBDO

2nd Place – Publicis

3rd Place – Say It Now