VOice Summit Day 2

Three Things We Learned About at Voice19 Day 2

VOICE19 continued its frenetic pace on day two, with even more fascinating panels and presentations, not to mention an expo hall full of companies painting pictures of the future of voice tech. As we did yesterday, we’ve picked a few highlights from the day, including some top #VOICE19 tweets. Be sure to come back to learn who wins this evening at the awards banquet. You can learn more about the VOICE Summit Award nominees and check out our Q&A with the Alexa Cup finalists.

Public Broadcast Evolution

Speakers from public media companies took a look at how voice technology is changing what they do and how they serve the public. The conclusion is that traditional broadcasting approaches no longer apply. Instead, experimenting is necessary in order to understand exactly what the public wants. People want customization and immediate access, any voice experience has to address that, and empathize with what people are looking for.

Empathy and Finance

Uday Akkaraju took the stage to talk about concepts like hyper-personalized conversations and  story-healing with voice assistants can improve people’s financial situations. He demoed his Bond.ai platform to showcase how empathy applied by banks and financial organizations to their voice experience can be an enormous boon to their customers. 

Security and Voicefirst Experiences

A keynote this morning by Pindrop founder and CEO Vijay Balasubramanian discussed the rapidly changing world of voice interaction and security. He showed how security solutions are being used today to differentiate between human and synthetic voices while also demonstrating how humanlike these generated voices have become. And, Balasubramanian also showed how complex voice biometrics are when you consider not just unique aspects of a voice but how voices change as users age in time periods of just a few months. However, as we use voice assistants more and our voices are recorded, the security of these systems is essential to maintain public confidence in the solutions.

Top Tweets


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