Witlingo Enables Microcast Listeners to Talk Back

Branded voice app creator Witlingo has released a new tool enabling enterprise groups to interact with audiences via Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistants. BuildLingo Community enables people listening to a brand’s audio offering to respond with audio commentary of their own.

Community Building

Buildlingo as a platform lets businesses and organizations to make short audio recording, whether as flash briefings, interactive Alexa skills, or Google Actions. The enterprise can create and organize the content, and the audience can listen or not as they chose. With the new feature, however, those in the audience can decide to record an audio response to the content. The brand can then pick its favorite responses and include selections of them as part of the audio it shares, and respond in turn.

It’s something like an audio comment section on a news website, albeit one that by necessity is heavily curated. There are also elements of the letters to the editor section of a newspaper or very slow call-in radio show. The important thing is that using this feature could help audio content creators foster a better sense of community and engagement with an audience and refine the kind of content produced based on the feedback.

VOICE 19 and Beyond

Communities debuted at the VOICE 19 conference this week in Newark. The conference has a channel via an Alexa skill and Google action. Other attendees have also set up responsive channels via Communities, including the non-profit Women in Voice and Bradley Metrock, author of the upcoming More Than Just Weather & Music: 200 Ways To Use Alexa.

Witlingo has made a point of trying to stay ahead in the trends for voice, and Buildlingo Communities is only the latest example. Back in December, the company debuted Castlingo, a tool to make it easy to microcast audio content with voice assistants. And, the company was the first to create a skill compatible with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft’s voice assistants.


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