“Hey Siri, Hey Google” – Access Google Assistant with Siri Shortcuts

The latest version of Google Assistant for iOS supports Apple’s Shortcuts app. The Shortcuts app allows users to program a list of tasks to perform using a spoken phrase with Siri, or a shortcut that can be added to a home screen. The Shortcuts app now allows users to open Google Assistant with a personalized phrase.


For example, users can choose a personalized phrase like “Hey Google,” and then say “Hey Siri, Hey Google” to open up Google Assistant. Users could even make a phrase to access a Google Assistant Routine.

Google and Apple as Partners in Voice

The feature is exciting, but voice access to Google Assistant on iOS is the news here. Traditionally, Apple has made sure to differentiate itself from Google and others by creating their own in-house versions of navigation, music listening, and voice assistance. Apple is locked up, and picky about who they let in. Voicebot’s recent Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report found that at 44% of all users, Siri was the most used voice assistant of smartphones. Google Assistant was the second most popular with 30%. Shortcuts allow consumers to more easily personalize their smartphone experience by accessing the voice assistant of their choice.

Traditionally, Siri has ranked the lowest in comparison with the tech giants for comprehension and recognition of speakers with accents and answering queries correctly. Google Assistant, on the other hand, has traditionally ranked the highest in the same studies. It makes sense for Apple smartphone users to want a bit more from their voice assistant. With this update, Apple users can leverage Siri to access a more capable voice assistant. And, Google Assistant can offer voice access even on iOS.

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