Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit Now Available to All Device Makers

In January, Amazon announced the Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) Kit. The new feature made it easier for third-party manufacturers to add Alexa into Bluetooth devices, like headphones, portable speakers and smart watches. From the Amazon blog:

AMA defines a custom protocol for transmitting Alexa audio data and control signals over BT and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and enables the BT device to communicate with the Amazon Alexa App on an Android or iOS smartphone. AMA provides a standard for communicating with the Amazon Alexa App, enabling device makers to build Alexa into Bluetooth accessories connected to Android and iOS devices by seamlessly pairing with the Amazon Alexa App.

However, at the time, only a few companies like Bose and Sony had access to the AMA kit. Now, the feature is available to any company who makes a BT device.

AMA Kit Provides Advantages for Device Makers and Consumers

The AMA Kit allows device makers to quickly integrate Alexa into their products as it does not require them to develop a custom Alexa app for their product as it uses the Alexa app available for Android and iOS instead. It also automatically updates Alexa so the device will always have access to its latest features, skills and functionality. The AMA Kit also provides a solid user experience for the consumer. Not only will Alexa be available on more portable Bluetooth devices, it also only requires users to set up and pair Alexa once per device.

As Voicebot pointed out in January in a story about the initial AMA Kit announcement, the easy integration of Alexa in portable devices will only increase consumer use of Alexa. Especially those that have gotten use to talking to a smart speaker:

While smart speakers still have a long way to go and will continue to have high sales volume, 2018 will be the year near-field voice interaction will make a comeback. Consumers that are now accustomed to using voice interactions at home will increasingly use them on-the-go. That means wearables and Bluetooth devices should see a similar pattern of voice assistant integration that we saw in 2017 for wireless speakers.

Now that the AMA Kit is generally available, it looks like we’ll see more on-the-go devices with Alexa integration and as a result, more consumer interaction with Alexa in general. Amazon has it made too easy not to.

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