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Google Assistant Now Available in Brazilian Portuguese on Android, iOS and Even Google Home

Brazilian Portuguese is now available on Google Assistant for Android, iOS and some are reporting use on Google Home. Google announced in May that Assistant would support the language over the summer of 2018. Android Police reported in August 2017 that Google Assistant provided the language support on Pixel devices, but it has never been officially supported and has not been available on other devices until this week. A Google Assistant support forum suggested users were still looking to add the language in September and October. A posting that a user could not switch to Portuguese was seconded by at least 12 other people.

Google Assistant Portuguese

However, Brazilian Portuguese became live on Android and iOS phones in the most recent app updates.

Portuguese Available on Google Home Too?

A Reddit user also indicated they had activated Portuguese on a Google Home purchased through Mercado Livre. Google Home is not available through the Google store in either Brazil or Portugal. It appears you need to update the device to make the smart speaker recognize Portuguese as a default language. A pre-holiday presence in Brazil could be a big boost for Google Assistant trial and adoption and would be an even bigger advantage if Google Home became widely available. However, the introduction of Google Assistant on smartphones generally precedes the availability of Google Home by several months.

In all, Google Assistant now enables users to chose among 22 different languages and dialects with 16 being unique. Google Home is officially on sale in 19 countries. Google announced in February that Google Assistant would be available in 30 languages before year end. We may just hear about eight more languages before 2018 concludes.


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