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Amazon Echo Lands in Mexico

Image Credit: Amazon

Amazon announced yesterday that Echo has arrived in Mexico just in time for holiday shoppers. Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Spot are available on for pre-order with a shipping date of November 14th. In addition, shoppers can purchase the new Amazon smart plug, the Sonos One and Bose 500 smart speakers and sound bars, and several Alexa-compatible earbuds. An Alexa-powered Harman Kardon smart speaker is included in the marketing photos and mentioned in the media materials, but it doesn’t appear to be available for purchase today. Amazon emphasized that Alexa has been  customized for the Mexican market in the announcement:

“Alexa arrives in Mexico with an all-new experience built from the ground up for Mexican customers, including a brand-new voice, Spanish language support, local knowledge, hundreds of local skills, and more.”

A localized version of Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) was introduced on August 9th. Since that time, several Mexican media publishers and brands built Alexa skills which will be available for early adopters. Amazon says the new Alexa skills total in the “hundreds” including Televisa News Skills, Cinépolis, Uber, El Universal, Domino’s, Expansión, Aeromexico, Mediotiempo, Kiwilimón, Cartoon Network, Philips Hue, TP-Link, Las Estrellas, Milenio, and Marathon.

Echo Now Localized for 14 Countries

The Mexico launch brings the availability of Echo smart speakers with a localized Alexa version to 14 countries. Google has been busy of late bringing its total up to 18 countries. Google Home smart speakers arrived in Mexico in June.

Country Amazon Echo Google Home Apple HomePod
Australia Feb 2018 2017 Feb 2018
Austria 2017 Jun 2018
Canada 2017 2017 Jun 2018
Denmark Oct 2018
France Jun 2018 2017 Jun 2018
Germany 2016 2017 Jun 2018
India 2017  Apr 2018
Ireland Jan 2018 Jun 2018
Italy Oct 2018  Apr 2018
Japan 2017 2017
Korea Sept 2018
Mexico Nov 2018 Jun 2018 Oct 2018
Netherlands Oct 2018
New Zealand Feb 2018
Norway Oct 2018
Singapore Apr 2018
Spain Oct 2018 Jun 2018 Oct 2018
Sweden Oct 2018
United Kingdom 2016 2017 Feb 2018
United States 2014 2016 Feb 2018


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