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Google Home Arrives in Mexico

Google Home and Google Home Mini are now available in Mexico with native Spanish-language localization for Google Assistant. The devices cannot be purchased through the Google store, but are available through a number of retailers including: Best Buy, Coppel, Costco, Liverpool, Mercado Libre, Office Depot, RadioShack, Sanborns and Sears. Most of the retailers are apparently stocking Google Home smart speakers in store, but few have listed it online for sale as of this writing. Coppel is the only retailer that does have the devices listed for sale online today. Google Home is priced at MXN $3,649 (about US $184)and Google Home Mini is MXN $1,499 (about US $75).


Mexico Becomes the 14th Country to Get Google Home

Google Home and Google Home Mini started selling in Spain just last week although Google Assistant has been available in Spanish since November 2017 in both Mexico and Spain. Mexico becomes the 14th country to have access to the Google Home smart speaker product line. This move is viewed as critical by many because Spanish is the second most common native language and Mexico represents the first Latin American country to be able to purchase a smart speaker with a localized voice assistant.

This puts Amazon further behind in the global race to sell smart speakers. The company last week announced the availability of Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Spain which means developers can begin building Alexa skills for Spanish users. However, Amazon Echo smart speakers along with offerings from Sonos and Bose will not likely be available for purchase until the fall. Amazon has not announced its plans for availability in Mexico or the broader Latin American market. Smart speaker availability by country as of today for the leading smart speaker device makers is included in the table below.

Amazon Echo Google Home Apple HomePod
Australia 2018 2017 2018
Austria 2017 2018
Canada 2017 2017 2018
Denmark TBD 2018
France 2018 2017 2018
Germany 2016 2017 2018
India 2017  2018
Ireland 2018 2018
Italy TBD 2018  2018
Japan 2017 2017
Korea TBD 2018
Mexico 2018
Netherlands TBD 2018
New Zealand 2018
Norway TBD 2018
Singapore 2018
Spain TBD 2018 2018
Sweden TBD 2018
United Kingdom 2016 2017 2018
United States 2014 2016 2018

Amazon Alexa Skills Kit Headed for Spain, But Not Yet for Broader Spanish-Speaking World

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