Video: Voice Platform Wars, How and Why the Biggest Tech Companies are Competing for Voice Assistant Dominance

I recently had the honor to present on the main stage at Voice Summit, a gathering of 3,000 voice industry professionals. The topic I was asked to speak about was how and why the world’s biggest tech companies are competing for voice assistant dominance. What follows is a 27-minute video of the presentation that reviews:

  • Consumer voice assistant adoptions trends
  • The role of smart speakers and smartphones
  • The motivations of and approach taken by Amazon, Apple, Google and other global players
  • The key assets at the disposal of these global tech giants
  • How to segment the key competitors.

It is a broad market overview that offers specific insights into why the market is playing out as it is today and how it is likely to evolve. Anyone looking to understand how to compete in the space or what voice assistant to hook your wagon to will benefit from the analysis.

I hope you find the presentation valuable. The camera work isn’t always ideal, but the audio fidelity is very good so you should have no problem following the main points. If you have any questions about what was presented, drop me a line on Twitter. Also, I encourage you to bookmark the site The event schedule for 2019 is expected to be posted this fall and I hope to see you there next year.


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