Over 1 in 5 Consumers Have Tried Voice Shopping and Most of it Was on Mobile

A new research report by Voicebot.ai and Voysis found that 21.2% of U.S. adults have engaged in voice shopping activities. That means they have used voice to purchase a product, search for a product, make a product comparison, find pricing or some related shopping activity during an online buying process. More than 56% of those voice shoppers used a smartphone for the activity.

While most media attention around voice shopping has focused on smart speakers because of their rapid adoption, it represented only one-quarter of consumer experience with the emerging commerce channel. Ryan MacInnis of report sponsor Voysis commented:

With more than half of voice commerce activity happening on the devices that over 90% of the world has access to, overall voice adoption is skyrocketing.

“We’re seeing voice shopping activities gravitate towards the platforms consumers are most comfortable using to shop, which is mobile and web. With more than half of voice commerce activity happening on the devices that over 90% of the world has access to, overall voice adoption is skyrocketing. Brands will soon pay attention to all aspects of how consumers are using voice across devices, not just smart speakers.”

Voice Shopping Consumer Adoption Report

Voicebot.ai and Voysis began the market analysis of voice shopping trends with a consumer survey of 1,203 U.S. adults in May 2018. That data was combined with market research on company activity and voice shopping processes to produce the most comprehensive analysis of U.S. voice shopping trends to date. The 30-page report includes 25 charts and numerous other data points, including profiles of six brand and retailers offering voice shopping to consumers today. Download the report here.

Report Sections Include:

  • Introduction and Methodology
  • Consumers Shopping Behaviors
  • Smartphone & Voice Assistant Usage
  • Smart Speaker Adoption
  • Voice Shopping Data
  • Voice Shopping Processes & Examples

Why Smartphones Lead the Pack in Voice Shopping Today

The reason why smartphones lead the pack today in both voice assistant usage and voice shopping is a direct result of its broad user base. About 80% of the total population owns a smartphone and 62% have tried a voice assistant on their mobile device according to the survey. That compares to just 21.6% that own a smart speaker today. There are simply far more consumers with access to voice in general and voice shopping options in particular using their smartphone.

An interesting note is that more consumers report having performed a voice shopping activity to date on their PC than on smart speakers. Again, this can be attributed to the much larger install base of PC users. In terms of percentages of users with access to a particular platform, smart speaker owner are more than twice as likely to have used voice shopping than non-owners. As smart speaker ownership continues to rise, voice shopping and smart speaker share of voice commerce will increase.

We hope you find the information in the Voice Shopping Consumer Adoption Report a valuable resource. If you have questions or comments about the findings, please reach out on Twitter to @bretkinsella.

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