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Voice Shopper Demographics More Likely to be Young and Male

Consumer use of voice shopping is currently skewed toward 18-29 year old males according to a recent survey of 1,203 U.S. adults by Voicebot and Voysis. While an average of 21.2% of consumers had tried voice shopping, the figure was 34.5% of consumers aged 18-29 years. The 30-44 age cohort reflected the national average of just over 21% while only 11-13% of consumers over 45 had shopped using voice technology. The results are detailed in the recently published Voice Shopping Consumer Adoption Report 2018.

Voice Shoppers Skew Male

The survey also revealed that voice shopping has thus far proven much more popular among men than women. Voice shopping had been tried by 63% of men and 37% of women. This pattern held true in every voice shopping channel including through smartphones, PCs, appliances and smart speakers. On smart speakers the difference was even higher with a 68% to 32% skew toward males. The closest category was on Android smartphones where men only outpaced women in voice shopping by 52% to 48%.

Men were also about two times more likely than women to transform trial of voice shopping into a monthly habit. This reinforces the fact that there is a lot of room for growth in voice shopping. Advocates of voice shopping may need to work harder to appeal to women and older shoppers, but doing so could give them an advantage as these demographic groups increase their trial of the technology.

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