Voice Shopping Consumer Adoption Report 2018

Voice commerce is poised to become the third key online channel for shopping, joining web and mobile. We have already seen forecasts suggesting voice shopping will account for $40 billion in U.S. consumer spending by 2022. Consumers are migrating to voice interfaces for product discovery, comparison shopping and purchases. Most media and analyst coverage attributes the rapid adoption of smart speakers to the rise of voice shopping but the full story is more nuanced. and Voysis collaborated on the Voice Shopping Report because we realized that much of the data and analysis around this topic painted an incomplete picture of the voice commerce landscape today and where it is headed. In the following pages we provide a detailed summary of what is happening today and where it is headed. Also provided are some early examples of how voice is being incorporated in shopping on smartphones, smart speaker sand the web. We look forward to feedback and debate around the findings and hope it becomes viewed as a valued resource for retailers, brands and everyone else interested in the present and future of voice shopping.

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