The Elements of Multi-Modal Design with Karen Kaushansky – Voicebot Podcast Ep. 40

Karen Kaushansky started as a speech technology designer at Nortel in the mid-1990’s and moved on to become a voice user interface designer at Nuance. Later she worked at Tellme and in experience design at Microsoft and Jawbone. Karen co-founded a smart clothing company, Sensilk and more recently founded Robot Futures Consulting where she has worked with self-driving car company NIO and toy maker Lego. Karen earned degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and currently works from Basel, Switzerland.

In this week’s episode we take a trip down some of the recent history of voice technology. Starting in the 1990’s in Montreal we discuss some of the early work in speech technology, the foundation that Nuance laid and the origins of Microsoft Cortana. We also discuss more recent work with voice assistants and how human robots should be. Finally we discuss five core elements of multi-modal user experience design. Karen packs a lot of insight into our conversation and she refers back to some of our earlier Voicebot Podcast guests and what listeners can learn from them.

Show Notes – Karen Kaushansky Interview

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