Voicebot Podcast Episode 30 – Cathy Pearl Author of Designing Voice User Interfaces

Cathy Pearl is best known as the author of Designing Voice User Interfaces published by O’Reilly Media. She is currently Vice President of User Experience at Sensely, worked previously at Nuance, was on the Ford Sync team and holds degrees in both Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Cathy even worked at NASA early in her career where she designed user controls that reduced cognitive load for pilots. She has a lot of hands-on voice design experience, is viewed as an authority in the field and has some insights on using avatars and multiple input methods to complement voice interfaces.

I originally interviewed Cathy in December 2016 for a Voicebot article prior to the publication of her book. Her insights were well received by Voicebot readers at the time and the logical next step was to have a more in-depth discussion for the podcast about voice user experience design and how things have changed over the past fourteen months. I hope you enjoy listening to the interview as much as I did when recording it.

Show Notes – Cathy Pearl Interview

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