Voicebot Podcast Episode 29 – Tobias Goebel, Aspect Software, on Computational Linguistics, Chatbots and Voice Assistants

Tobias Goebel is Senior Director, Emerging Technologies for Aspect Software. He has a Masters Degree in Computational Linguistics and has studied at both the University of Bonn and University of Edinburgh. Tobias also has 15 years experience working in voice technology, first as a developer, then as a designer and more recently as a strategist and marketer. Aspect has a big focus on customer service and contact center automation. Chat and voice are now a rapidly growing part of that work, but these technologies are also taking Aspect customers into conversational marketing and direct outreach to new customers.

In this week’s interview, Tobias discusses how language can be illogical as well as where pragmatics and context come into play. He also illustrates how a sentence like the following can be instructive in understanding the difficulty in asking computers to comprehend speech: We saw her duck. In addition, we touch on voice commerce, APIs in the age of bots, lessons from IVR and unlearning old maxims. Enjoy!

Show Notes – Tobias Goebel Interview

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