Voicebot Podcast Episode 28 – Tim McElreath of Scripps/Food Network Talks Multimodal Design

Tim McElreath is Director of Engineering, Mobile and Emerging Platforms at Scripps which among other things owns Food Network and HGTV. Food Network not only has one of the best voice-first Alexa skills and Google Assistant apps, but also represents one of the finest multi-modal deployments that takes advantage of the Amazon Echo Show’s screen to display Food Networks’ extensive video library. Scripps has also launched a multi-modal Google Assistant app for Food Network and a Facebook Chatbot.

Tim holds a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and was a developer for much of his career so he brings both a design and technical perspective to this week’s interview. And, don’t miss his voice app design recommendations toward the end of the interview. They will help you build better voice apps.

Show Notes – Tim McElreath Interview

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