Perplexity Pages

Perplexity Pages Turns Generative AI Search Results into Wikipedia Pages

Generative AI startup Perplexity AI has debuted a new feature for its ‘conversational answer engine’ called Perplexity Pages that makes its results into an interactive explainer and guide reminiscent of a Wikipedia page. Perplexity claims Pages will streamline the creation and sharing of in-depth articles and reports and make them more accessible to a broader audience.

Perplexity Pages

Perplexity Pages generates an article from search queries in the style shown in the image above. The pages don’t all have the same style, either. Users can customize the tone of their pages to match the target audience, adjusting for general audiences or experts on a subject. They can also add, rearrange, or remove sections to best suit their material with follow-up prompts. Additionally, the visual component of Pages enables users to enhance their articles with images and videos generated by the tool, uploaded from personal collections, or sourced online. This feature was created to make the content more engaging aid in illustrating complex information, making it easier for readers to understand and retain.

Both free and paid users can access the Pages tool through the library section of Perplexity. Once they are created, users can publish the articles to Perplexity’s library of user-generated content. Users can also share the link to these pages with others, who can then ask follow-up questions on the topic, fostering an interactive learning environment. Additionally, users can convert existing conversation threads into pages from a button.

“You’ve used Perplexity to search for answers, explore new topics, and expand your knowledge. Now, it’s time to share what you learned,” Perplexity wrote in a blog post. “Meet Perplexity Pages, your new tool for easily transforming research into visually stunning, comprehensive content. Whether you’re crafting in-depth articles, detailed reports, or informative guides, Pages streamlines the process so you can focus on what matters most: sharing your knowledge with the world.”

Perplexity Popping

The launch of Perplexity Pages represents a significant expansion of the company’s capabilities, moving from purely search-based functions to comprehensive content creation and sharing. This new tool aligns with broader trends in digital content creation, where the integration of AI is increasingly helping streamline workflows and enhance output quality. The company first dew notice for its s ChatGPT-style interface augmented with links to sources in the footnotes. Perplexity said it centered its models on being good at remembering conversational context and suggesting related searches to help users refine the hunt for information.

Perplexity Pages marks yet another milestone for the startup, which has been rolling out new features and other notable news at a steady clip this year. The company raised $62.7 million in April, hitting unicorn status with a valuation of over $1 billion, and announced its Enterprise Pro subscription to add to the existing Perplexity Pro option. That round came just a few months after a $73.6 million round. Perplexity also has several notable new partnerships in the last few months, including a deal with SoundHound to augment the SoundHound Chat AI voice assistant with Perplexity’s LLMs, as well a deal to fuel the Rabbit r1 generative AI device with real-time internet access.


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