TikTok Symphony

TikTok Launches Generative AI Advertising Tools

TikTok is rolling out a new set of generative AI tools for advertisers that are designed to enhance its advertising capabilities. This new offering, dubbed “TikTok Symphony,” aims to assist brands in creating, refining, and optimizing their ad content more efficiently.

TikTok Takes AI to Task

TikTok Symphony offers multiple ways to help create advertising campaigns. The Symphony Creative Studio employs generative AI to make videos for advertisers to post on TikTok with minimal effort. It uses existing assets from the TikTok Ads Manager or product information to produce content quickly. The idea is to streamline the video production process and make it more accessible for brands to generate high-quality advertisements.

TikTok also shared a generative AI helper called Symphony Assistant, designed to aid advertisers in writing and editing their ad campaigns. The assistant can compose and edit scripts, suggest ways to deploy them, and offer insight into current trends on TikTok. The Symphony Ads Manager Integration, meanwhile, helps by automatically enhancing pre-existing videos, improving them, and making them better at capturing view interest.

This is unrelated to the consumer generative AI projects TikTok is running. That includes testing a generative AI chatbot named Tako and a synthetic image generator for user avatars as part of its custom digital avatar feature. The company also offers a text-to-image AI Greenscreen filter for translating text prompts into background images. TikTok’s new setup highlights the platform’s growing influence in advertising. The company reports that 61% of its users have made purchases directly on TikTok or after seeing ads on the platform. Additionally, 59% of users rely on TikTok to decide which games to download, and 52% use the platform to research car purchases.

“With Symphony, everything from writing a script to producing a video and optimizing assets is simple and efficient — fueling real results with a new paradigm of creativity,” TikTok explained in its announcement. “We are supercharging productivity to help brands create at scale. We are building for the future of creative and are inviting brands to come test and learn with us as we look to simplify and empower creative that breaks through.”

At the same time, TikTok is trying to show it can be responsible with generative AI. That’s partly in response to its current precarious legal status in the U.S. after Congress passed bills to try and force its parent company, ByteDance, to sell to a U.S.-based company. That’s why the social media platform recently released its Content Credentials deepfake detector. The Content Credentials system operates by embedding metadata into digital content uploaded from some external platforms. There’s already a similar labeling service for any “realistic” synthetic media produced on TikTok.

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