TikTok Avatars

TikTok Debuts Animated Avatars With Custom Looks and Voices

TikTok has introduced a new feature called Avatars that allows users to create custom digital representations of themselves on the social media video app. Like the cartoonish characters for Snapchat, Facebook, and other platforms, TikTok users can design their avatar to mimic them in style and looks, and can even speak the user’s words with their own custom voice chosen from TikTok’s style options.

TikTok Avatars

Opening the TikTok camera and effects section in the updated app will bring up the new “TikTok avatars” menu. Users can then pick from template examples or build one from the ground up. That includes skin color, hair texture, makeup, piercings, and a range of outfits. The menu then offers some avatar voice styles to bring the cartoon creation to life. Once the avatar is ready, users can record videos as their digital self and it will follow along with their movements and words, albeit in its own format. The Miniature Avatar option can even place a virtual version of the character in the video, choosing its size and what it does during the course of the video.

“Today, to empower continued creative expression, we’re introducing TikTok Avatars – yet another way for people to showcase their individuality on TikTok,” the company explained in announcing the avatars. “We’re excited to see how people use Avatars to express their creativity and continue exploring ways to bring Avatars into more TikTok experiences, building spaces across TikTok for self-expression and expanding on the ways people connect and create across our global community.”

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