Enterprise Generative AI Platform Lamini Raises $25M

Enterprise generative AI startup Lamini has raised $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Amplify Partners. Lamini offers businesses a way to leverage proprietary data to tailor large language models (LLMs) and deploy generative AI applications

Lamini Enterprise AI

Lamini launched last year with a platform full of tools enabling enterprises to exploit their unique data for custom generative AI models. Businesses can use Lamini to design and deploy what it calls Expert AI, specialized generative AI apps fine-tuned for the needs of a business using data provided by the business. The startup pitches its models as deeper and more capable within a narrower range of functions than most LLMs. Expert AI is designed to perform with a high degree of specificity within certain domains. This specificity allows enterprises to leverage AI for tasks that require a deep understanding of complex, nuanced information.

For instance,  Lamini’s inference engine produces JSON responses to all LLM inference calls. That ensures responses are usable for developers without extra steps. Lamini’s platform includes portfolios for different business purposes, including the LLM Photographic Memory Evaluation Suite, which addresses the issue of hallucinations produced by LLMs. To counter the problem, Lamini reduces the time and computational resources for fine-tuning LLMs through techniques like Multi-node LLM Training and Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning (PEFT).

“The future of generative AI is in the hands of enterprises, who can unlock their vast proprietary data that foundational models haven’t been trained on and turn them into ever more powerful capabilities through LLMs. This untouched data enables such new capabilities by understanding new domains deeply, like a team of human experts within an organization, reaching far beyond simple reasoning, coding, and question answering that public general models are capable of,” Lamini CEO Sharon Zhou explained in a blog post. “From the developer-facing interfaces to the fundamental hardware level where bits interact with atoms on GPUs, Lamini has systematically optimized every piece of the LLM stack for enterprises to take advantage of their proprietary data and build Expert AI from it.”

The new funding round’s investors included Lamini’s earlier seed round leader, First Round Capital, as well as co-founder and former Google Brain leader Andrew Ng and OpenAI co-founder and Tesla AI director Andrej Karpathy. The starup plans to deepen its technical optimizations and expand its team.

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