AnswerRocket Launches Custom Enterprise Generative AI Copilot Platform

Enterprise generative AI developer AnswerRocket has introduced a new customizable copilot analytics platform called Skill Studio. Businesses can employ Skill Studio to design specialized generative AI assistants tailored to their unique data assets, analysis methods, and strategic goals.

AnswerRocket Generative Analytics

Skill Studio provides a full suite of development tools for data scientists, analysts, and developers to collaborate in building AI skills for their firm and extracting insights from both structured and unstructured data. The platform enables a targeted approach that can ensure highly specialized insights directly relevant to users.

The Skill Studio platform builds upon the capabilities of Max, AnswerRocket’s existing generative AI assistant, by incorporating features for domain-specific analyses such as cohort and brand analyses. Skill Studio also enhances Max’s analytical capabilities by allowing the integration of existing machine-learning algorithms, including support for multi-source and multi-modal data. Enterprises can also construct specialized copilots for specific roles, equipped with the necessary analytical Skills. A robust testing framework ensures the accuracy of answers generated by these Skills.

“AI copilots have revolutionized the way organizations access their data, but current solutions on the market are general-use and not personalized to specific use cases,” AnswerRocket CEO Alon Goren explained. “Skill Studio puts the power of AI analysts back in the hands of our customers by powering Max to analyze their data in a way that helps them achieve their specific business outcomes.”

Skill Studio is useful in more collaborative projects with multiple teams. Data scientists and developers can democratize specialized algorithms as reusable Skills, enabling quicker and more secure access to advanced answers. For example, it can analyze how an online video game is performing, both on a technical level and in terms of players and their interactions with the game and each other.

“Skill Studio has immense potential to transform our approach to analytics. With Skill Studio, we can create a customized AI analyst that deeply understands the nuances of the gaming industry and how we analyze our data,” game developer platform RallyHere Interactive CEO Stewart Chisam said. “Its ability to automate complex analyses like game performance, player interactions, and usage patterns is groundbreaking. The insights generated by Max can help drive strategic decisions to enhance both our platform and user experience.”

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