Adobe Firefly 3

Adobe Photoshop Adds New Firefly Image 3 Model With ‘Photographic’ Quality and Image Fine-Tuning Tools

Adobe has released the Firefly Image 3 foundational model, the newest iteration of its Firefly portfolio of generative AI models, six months after the release of Firefly Image 2. The enhanced model ups Firefly’s quality of image creation and manipulation, with several new features in Photoshop to further boost the control for creators fine-tuning their vision with the generative AI engine.

Firefly Foundational Fountain

Firefly Image 3 is available in beta starting this week through Photoshop, and Adobe boasts that it has made significant advances in the quality and versatility of generated images. The model offers what Adobe claims are photographic quality images, thanks to improvements in lighting, positioning, and variety. The AI is also better at understanding text prompts and scenes, leading to images that more accurately resemble the vision of the user, as well as more style choices for illustrations that can help design logos and line art.

The new foundational model also augments Photoshop with a new auto-stylization tool that lets users adjust the look, background, subject pose, and colors of an image. The software also includes a new structure reference and style reference toolkit that lets users match their creation to the structure and style of reference images.

“In just over a year, Firefly has become the image generation tool of choice used by millions of creators to ideate every day, and we’re just getting started,”  Adobe chief technology officer for digital media Ely Greenfield said in a statement. “As we continue to advance the state of the art with Image 3 Foundation Model, we cannot wait to see how our creative community will push the bounds of what’s possible with this beta build.”

Like its previous versions, Firefly Image 3 is trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock, to ensure compliance with copyright and trademark rules. On the other side of the potential controversy about synthetic media, Adobe is rolling out Content Credentials. This feature provides tamper-evident metadata for transparency regarding the use of generative AI in content creation and editing processes. Content Credentials are based on the C2PA open standard and supported by the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI)

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