Samsung Bixby Generative AI

BixbyGPT? Samsung Looks to Generative AI for Voice Assistant


Samsung is looking into augmenting its Bixby voice assistant with generative AI, according to company executives in a CNBC report. Incorporating large language models (LLMs) into Bixby would be part of the company’s larger strategy to ensure its devices and services remain competitive as generative AI proliferates across its partners and competitiors.


The now seven-year-old Bixby is ubiquitous across Samssung smartphones, wearables, and smarthome appliances. Bixby offers many AI features, but, like Alexa and the decreasingly visible Google Assistant, Bixby is built around brief questions and answers, not conversations in the manner of ChatGPT or its rivals. Bixby has not yet embedded any generative AI models into its system.

Samsung executive vice president for mobile business Won-joon Choi told CNBC that LLMs and generative AI have set the stage to completely revamp Bixby and its place in the Samsung ecosystem. He explained a Bixby that can support LLMs and generative AI apps would make for better device support and reduce friction for users. Though he didn’t indicate when this would happen, he did emphasize that its an ongoing project.

Samsung has already explored creating its own generative AI models. The Samsung Gauss portfolio unveiled last year includes the Gauss Language LLM, programming assistant Gauss Code, and synthetic image generator Gauss Image. And it’s worth noting that one of Adam Cheyer, who led the creation of Bixby, founded a generative AI and design startup called GamePlanner.AI, which was snapped up by Airbnb in November.

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