Character AI Voice

Character AI’s Generative AI Chatbots Learn to Speak Aloud

Character AI has augmented its generative AI chatbots with vocal abilities. The new Character Voice feature enables users to actually hear the synthetic personas they are conversing with, aiming to make the experience more engaging.

Character Voice

Character AI’s hub of virtual personalities are fueled by large language models to chat about anything their designers choose, but until now the only voice option was a generic text-to-speech voice that didn’t sound real, let along tailored to the AI creation. The new feature includes a voice library where users can choose from pre-made voices or voices created by other users in the community. These voices can be assigned to specific characters or existing one-on-one chat conversations.

Additionally, users have the ability to create their own unique voices by uploading an audio sample or recording directly through the app’s microphone. These custom voices can be added to their own characters or used in conversations with other characters. Character.AI has also implemented a search and discovery functionality, allowing users to explore public voices created by other users in the community. These public voices can be used as default character voices or as personal preferences for any character in one-on-one chats.

“We are creating a world where possibilities are as infinite as the imagination, and empowering our users to maximize their lives by providing useful, accessible, and creative tools,” Character AI explained in a blog post. “Our users are able to be the main characters in their own stories. We’re looking forward to seeing what use cases our Community comes up with using Character Voice!”

Character Voice is free for any users of the Character AI platform. Initially, Character Voice will support only the English language, with more to follow. The company described it as a step in its plan for a multimodal interface for the AI characters. It fits with Character AI’s other expansions and upgrades, funded with investments like the $150 million the startup raised last year. That list includes the Character Group Chat feature enabling multiple AI personas and humans to converse simultaneously. The platform has also widened its availability beyond the web portal and is among the early generative AI skills added to Amazon Alexa.

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