Pika Sound

Pika Augments Generative AI Video Platform With Synthetic Sound Effects

Generative AI video creation startup Pika has unveiled a new synthetic audio feature to its platform. The new Sound Effects tool provides users a way to create and integrate audio into their videos through text prompts or based on the video’s contents.

Pika Sound Effects

Pika Sound Effects essentially widens the existing abilities of the Pika video creation platform to audio. The Pika model already turns text prompts into videos matching requested styles of forms, including character posing, prop selections, color corrections, and editing transitions. The platform had previously experimented with music video generation that enabled users to animate themselves dancing to top song hits. Sound Effects extends that to actually making the sounds. Users can either write a prompt for the sound or allow Pika to design a soundscape based purely on the prompt and subsequent video generated by the AI. For instance, frogs croaking for a video with frogs or a car alarm when the video shows a car getting broken into in one scene.

“A video without sound feels incomplete,” Pika explained in a LinkedIn post. “This new feature marks a big milestone for us as we become the first generative video platform to seamlessly create and integrate AI sound effects into outputs. Sound Effects enables creators to produce more complete and immersive content, with options for automatic generation or manual prompting.”

Pika has been racing to compete with startups like Runway and the video platforms appearing from tech giants like Google’s VideoPoet. The startup has raised $55 million, including a $35 million round in November. Pika boasts nearly a million users making millions of videos a week, but the competition is becoming more fierce. OpenAI’s release of generative AI video model Sora in February dropped a grenade into the discourse around synthetic videos, with a lot more attention now focused on the capabilities and regulation of such technology. Sound Effects is accessible to subscribers to Pika Pro and its Super Collaborators group, with universal access coming soon.

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