Google Bard Advanced

Google Readying Bard Advanced Paid Premium Chatbot Leveraging Gemini Ultra LLM

Google appears to be developing a premium subscription service for its conversational generative AI service Bard with enhanced features, according to code discovered and shared on X by Bedros Pamboukian. Bard Advanced would employ Gemini Ultra, the largest and most powerful version of Google’s new Gemini family of large language models (LLMs). The upgraded version of Bard is one of several new and improved generative AI projects coming from Google, shared in an X thread by developer Dylan Roussel.

Google Bard Advanced

Bard Advanced upgrading to Gemini Ultra is notable since the standard version of Bard uses the smaller Gemini Pro model. That would fit with the description of Bard Advanced as “more capable” and better at math and reasoning. Subscribers may gain access to better answering and conversational abilities. Roussel found that Bard Advanced will likely be available to purchase through Google One, the company’s subscription program offering expanded cloud storage and other benefits. Tying Bard Advanced access to a One subscription could help drive sign-ups for the service.

Google’s interest in splitting Bard into free and premium tiers is not too surprising. It’s an approach already used by most generative AI chatbots, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus, Anthropic’s Claude Pro, and Perplexity AI Pro. Quora also offers a subscription service for Poe, its hub for generative AI chatbots. Google has been keen to roll out new Bard features at a pretty steady clip since it launched early last year. Recent new features have included real-time responses, YouTube video summaries, linking it to personal Google accounts, and making Bard a part of Google Assistant. The premium subscription likely won’t put the brakes on those improvements.

Other potential new Bard Advanced features mentioned in the code snippets include Motoko, which may let users create custom AI bots. This, too, sounds like Google is trying to catch up to ChatGPT, with the custom GPTs unveiled at OpenAI’s Dev Day and the GPT Store set to open next week. There are also hints at AI-generated prompt expansions and a Gallery for exploring Bard’s capabilities. Google may also introduce the ability to customize Bard conversations with background images and keep track of long-running requests. There is no official timeline for these additions to become available, but the screenshots hint that the development is pretty far advanced.


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