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ChatGPT Introduces Chat Archiving Feature

ChatGPT has introduced a new feature allowing users to archive chats. OpenAI is pitching the tool as a way to declutter the interface while preserving conversations for future reference.

ChatGPT Archive

Archived chats are removed from the main sidebar but remain accessible in the settings. This gives users more control over managing their interaction history with the bot. The chatbot’s conversational nature means interaction histories pile up quickly. Archiving looks to strike a balance between maintaining access and reducing clutter. With over 100 million monthly active users, archiving provides a way to clean up accumulated conversations as engagement with the AI assistant surges.

OpenAI cautions ChatGPT remains an experimental research project, but rapid development shows it is taking productive feedback into account. The feature is currently available on ChatGPT’s web and iOS versions. Android support is expected soon as OpenAI continues expanding the bot’s capabilities. Chat archiving joins other recent additions. That includes the creation of custom GPTs, tailored AI agents that can be built without needing to code, and an upcoming GPT Store to provide access to them. Other recent advances include online searches for answers and multimodal options that allow for verbal conversations and enable the AI to process images in addition to text as well as document and PDF analysis.

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