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Amazon Infuses AWS Services With Generative AI

Amazon has augmented several AWS services with new generative AI features, including Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Personalize, and Amazon Lex. The respective transcription, personalization, and automated chatbot builder are leveraging foundation models (FMs) to enhance their language support, efficiency, and user experiences.

Transcribe and Personalize

Amazon Transcribe’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) now supports more than 100 languages thanks to a new speech FM that Amazon claims will improve accuracy across most languages by 20-50% and provide automatic punctuation, language identification, and word-level confidence scores. The upgrade is tailored to assist enterprises looking to increase the accessibility of audio and video content across various domains.

The Amazon Personalize upgrade is for consumer-facing brands looking to tailor their product to niche groups or even individuals. The new Content Generator uses an FM to craft engaging text, enhancing the connection between recommended items and users. It allows companies to generate compelling titles or emails, inviting higher user engagement. Furthermore, the integration of Personalize with LangChain facilitates the creation of bespoke FM-based applications, offering a seamless experience within the LangChain ecosystem. Fox Sports has embedded the updated Amazon Personalize for the narrowly targeted viewing experience that keeps people watching before and after the main event.

“We are integrating generative AI with Amazon Personalize in order to deliver hyper-personalized experiences to our users. Amazon Personalize has helped us achieve high levels of automation in content customization. For instance, Fox Sports experienced a 400% increase in viewership content starts post-event when applied,” Fox Corporation executive vice president of technology Daryl Bowden explained in a statement. “Now, we are augmenting generative AI with Amazon Bedrock to our pipeline in order to help our content editors generate themed collections. We look forward to exploring features such as Amazon Personalize Content Generator and Personalize on Langchain to further personalize those collections for our users.”

Generative Lex

Amazon Lex’s new FM-powered capabilities enhance the kind of conversation the service was already designed to provide. The Conversational FAQ (CFAQ), powered by Amazon Bedrock and other knowledge sources, allows bots to provide accurate, automated responses to common customer inquiries. This feature simplifies bot development, reducing the need for manual creation of intents and utterances. Additionally, Amazon Lex’s new descriptive bot building feature empowers developers to create bots through simple English descriptions, drastically reducing development time.

Generative AI is changing the contact center landscape, enabling automated responses to FAQs, analyzing customer sentiments, and generating conversation summaries. This innovation allows agents to focus on higher-value interactions, enhancing personalized service and resolving complex issues. Amazon Bedrock enables the development and scaling of generative AI applications, offering a variety of foundational models. This platform is instrumental in providing efficient customer service solutions, particularly in high-inquiry environments. By leveraging LLMs, businesses can offer personalized service and handle a wide array of customer interactions with increased efficiency and accuracy.


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