Blutag Infuses Online Shopping With Generative AI

Conversational commerce platform Blutag has launched a generative AI-powered assistant for online shopping. This new technology is being to start with grocery delivery Buncha.

Generative AI Shopping

Together, Blutag and Buncha aim to provide a more engaging and personalized online grocery shopping experience. The idea is to help consumers find and purchase products online in brand-new ways that go beyond the keywords in a search bar that 70% of shoppers turn to first. Blutag’s new generative AI assistant allows shoppers to interact conversationally to find products, accelerating the speed at which items are added to the online cart. This boosts retailers’ average order value, which is critical for profitability in razor-thin margin grocery businesses and other shopping services.

“Blutag uses a multi-model approach with a combination of fine-tuned open source LLMs, Open AI, recommendation engine, vector search, and more to help consumers shop using an AI shopping assistant on e-commerce sites. We see this as being mandatory for all online retailers and Blutag being the backbone of AI-assisted shopping experiences,” Blutag CEO Shilp Agarwal explained in an interview with Voicebot. “Clients such as Buncha, who have deployed our technology, are not only seeing noticeably increased customer engagement but are also seeing larger cart sizes as a result of including GenAI-based shopping assistant.”

There’s a growing list of online commerce sources using generative AI in some form. Walmart built a generative AI chatbot for customers, while Newegg incorporated it across its website. Shopify made its own ‘sidekick’ for the same kind of shopping as Blutag, but the innovation by Blutag should make it stand out for a long time, Agarwal predicted.

“We have been in the conversational commerce space for over three years, working with 100s of retailers, including larger grocers,” Agarwal said. “As a result, our model has learnings from real conversational commerce datasets that are essential for delivering meaningful dialogue with product catalogs. At the same time, our vertical focus on retail and having integrations with major e-commerce platforms makes time to market quickly.”

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