Midjourney Niji

Midjourney’s First Generative AI Art Mobile App is (Almost) All Anime, All the Time

Popular generative AI art creator Midjourney has expanded its synthetic images beyond Discord to an Android and iOS mobile app, albeit with some caveats. Midjourney built the Niji Journey app with Japanese game developer Sizigi Studio to focus the app on the immediately recognizable anime style of art and the thriving Japanese market for associated products.

Niji Journey AI

Midjourney founder David Holz confirmed the release of the app in an ‘office hours’ chat for the synthetic media generator. His vision for the app is to localize the experience and content of using Midjourney. That’s why the app centers on anime, also known as ‘Niji style,’ as well as why it’s a mobile app to entice those who may not use a laptop or desktop computer for their personal hobbies. This way, there isn’t a need for them to access the Midjourney Discord and its more than 16 million community members.

Despite the anime focus, Niji Journey can make images in any other style available on Midjourney by changing the settings to “v5,” referring to Midjourney v5 and its hyperrealistic visuals. But that option is downplayed in the app store since Midjourney and its partner are pitching Niji Journey to the Japanese market. The app provides more granular controls catered to Japanese preferences, according to Holz. Niji Journey is free to download but has in-app purchases and requires an annual subscription through Midjourney of $96 or $10 a month. A full stand-alone Midjourney app is still in the works, according to Holz, but there’s no demo as of yet. For now, the Niji Journey release provides an initial mobile footprint and sets the foundation for expanding access to Midjourney’s one-of-a-kind AI artistry.

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