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OpenAI Developer Conference Will Showcase Generative AI Upgrades to Improve Memory and Reduce Costs: Report

OpenAI will demonstrate a significant upgrade to its suite of tools for building generative AI applications at its highly anticipated first developer conference on November 6, according to a Reuters report this week. The ChatGPT-creator is aiming to streamline the process for app developers for better speed and a more affordable cost for designing and deploying generative AI apps..

OpenAI’s Developer Boost

The highlight of the planned showcase is the addition of memory storage capabilities to the developer platform, using what is referred to as a ‘stateful API’ that can refer to a user’s conversational history with a conversational AI. This will allow large language models like GPT-4 to remember the context from previous conversations. Developers employing this feature might end up slashing their computing costs by a huge amount. That’s crucial when usage fees are a common bottleneck for a business adopting generative AI.

OpenAI will also introduce a vision API, a version of the same visual processing and communication functionality coming to ChatGPT this year. As with the generative AI chatbot, developers will be able to embed ‘eyes’ that can understand photos and other images well enough to describe them and analyze their content.

The upgrades align with OpenAI’s ambitions to expand beyond a consumer product into a full developer ecosystem. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman outlined that goal when releasing ChatGPT plugins from a range of third-party brands earlier this year. Despite a lot of buzz on the day, ChatGPT plugins are rarely cited as the most exciting or interesting aspect of OpenAI’s products. OpenAI likely plans to leverage the upcoming conference to connect with more partners interested in incorporating OpenAI’s generative AI in ways that the new features better serve, especially when it comes to price points.

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