Spanish Writing Generative AI Assistant Startup Correcto Raises $7M

Generative AI writing assistant for Spanish startup Correcto has raised $7 million in a seed funding round led by Octopus Ventures and Carya Venture Partners. Correcto has created what it calls a ‘Grammarly for Spanish,’ offering real-time help from an AI for writers working in Spanish.

Correcto Español

Correcto’s generative AI-powered writing tool helps Spanish speakers and learners improve spelling, grammar, and writing style. The app explains corrections so users can improve their language skills. There are 41 million native Spanish speakers in the U.S., 53 million bilingual Americans, and over 500 million native speakers globally, according to the company. With more than 120,000 downloads to date in the U.S. and Latin America, Correcto sees plenty of potential growth for its product. The Spain-based startup plans to use the new funding to expand its reach across Latin America and to U.S. Spanish speakers.

“Correcto signifies more than just grammar correction; it brings generative AI, cultural connection and opportunity to millions of users in Latin America,” Carya Venture Partners general partner Andrés Pérez Soderi said. “We could not be more excited to back this mission and its driven team.”

Correcto leverages proprietary AI models trained on an in-house database of more than a million Spanish words and phrases. This allows personalized corrections tailored to native Spanish linguistic norms. The startup claims its technology enables up to 93% higher writing confidence, 56% improved productivity, and 45% more inclusive language use based on internal research. The free version of Correcto provides grammar and spelling corrections supported by ads. A paid premium offering adds enhanced writing assistance and analytics.

“As we were living and studying outside of Spain and struggling with our English writing skills and using online tools to assist us, my co-founder and I realized that such tools to help with Spanish communications did not exist,” Correcto COO and co-founder Ignacio Prieto Mayorgas explained. “It was obvious that with a customer base that comprises hundreds of millions of native Spanish speakers—as well as those who have Spanish as a second language—that they would absolutely benefit from an online writing platform. This is especially urgent in the developing regions of Latin America where literacy rates can be lower. “This is the first and only platform that started from native Spanish; not translated from English back to Spanish. Having a software solution like Correcto, which improves written communications, can increase people’s chances of obtaining higher-level employment opportunities.”

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